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We believe that all persons have the right to live, learn and work in the community with the same hope, dignity, choices, opportunities and responsibilities accorded all citizens. 

​Colorado Bluesky Enterprises (CBE) is one of 20 Community Centered Boards (CCB) in Colorado providing services to persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities.  The CCB system was created by House Bill 121 which was approved by the Legislature before they adjourned on April 7, 1963.   From this legislation CBE was created on March 24, 1964 with Articles of Incorporation being approved by the Secretary of State of Colorado.  The agency’s first name was “Pueblo County Interagency and Citizens Council for the Seriously Handicapped and the Mentally Retarded”.  In 1974 the name was changed to “Pueblo County Board for Developmental Disabilities, Inc.”, and in 1975 it was changed again to “Upper Arkansas Regional Board for Developmental Disabilities, Inc.” because the agency became a Regional Board serving counties west of Pueblo County.  However, in 1977 the name changed back to “Pueblo County Board for Developmental Disabilities, Inc.” because the agency discontinued providing services in Cañon City & Salida.  In 1998 the agency changed its name to “Colorado Bluesky Enterprises, Inc.” with the intent to rid itself of the stigma of a “labeled’ agency in respect for the persons we support.

What started as a small agency serving a population of fewer than 100 persons, the agency has grown to a caseload of over 1,000 individuals in Pueblo County.  Funding for services are through Medicaid, General State funds, local funds, grants, & donations.


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We Teach. We Support. We Inspire.