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Supported Living Services

Staff provide supports and services to a number of individuals residing in their own homes or living in the community with relatives. Services include personal care, access into community for medical appointments, transportation, mentorship and independent living skills. Supported Living Services also provides money management/training. 

Job Development Services

This program is designed to assist individuals with exploring opportunities in community employment. Services provided include job training, assessment services, job placement services, work adjustment training and ongoing supported services. 

Forever Young

This program is designed for those individuals not yet ready for OWLS but still feel “Forever Young” and want to participate in activities out in their community.  The program emphasizes on providing meaningful activities and experiences and helping them achieve their Person Centered Goals along with Individualized Goal specific to program.    

Mobile Crew

Our mobile crew program is a highly structured program where individuals work in a supervised group setting in the community completing outdoor maintenance work. The training program maintains various businesses in the pueblo Community.


An intensive habilitation program for persons with severe medical, physical and sensory needs. Services and supports include assisting with daily living skills, feeding, physical and medical monitoring. Activities include communication, motor skills, sensory and tactile. 

OWLS (Older Wiser Living Seniors)

The OWLS program is designed to serve the needs of aging/aged adults with developmental disabilities who are of retirement age or wish to enjoy semi-retirement. The program emphasizes on providing meaningful activities in the community or within a structured setting. The program is designed for individuals ages 55 and older that are retiring from a vocational program or wish to enjoy leisure type of activities. 

Bluesky Adult Supported Services (BASS)

Learning Center

Day services are focused on incorporating new classroom experiences and activities for the individuals. Our goal is to bring a variety of classes to individuals which will challenge them and provide an exciting educational experience. The facility is designed similar to an educational establishment whereby  participants move from classroom to classroom. The staff providing instruction is required to prepare lesson plans that are individualized and meet the specific goals listed in a person's service plan. As integral part of the service involves bringing members from the community with expertise in specific areas to teach classes. This provides educational opportunities for the individuals and helps form community relationships. Also the new curriculum is designed to stimulate creativity and enhance physical and cognitive skills and will include a variety of classes; music, yoga, dance movement therapy and various health classes. 

​RESULTS Program

This program is designed for individuals who have legal issues or have failed other vocational efforts due to maladaptive and challenging behavior. It is a highly structured day program with two staff on site at all times. Opportunities include tool usages, gardening and grounds maintenance all while concentrating on personalized help with behavior management. Individuals also have the opportunity to work on a small mobile crew in the community.

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