Our children are our most valuable and precious gifts.  Ensuring that all children have the opportunities to reach their highest potential is our goal for every child.  Early Intervention may be the greatest opportunity a child can receive to help reach his or her full potential.  So many studies have proven that the rapid brain development that occurs during the ages of birth to 3 will never be duplicated at any other time in a child’s life.  This is why working with children and families during this important time of life is so important to Early Intervention.   

The same Early Intervention services that help children to reach developmental success also help parents and care providers to be successful.  The education and support families receive through Early Intervention is the first step in becoming the strongest advocate in their child’s life.  This strength and knowledge will continue to serve families as their children continue to grow.

 Every child who is found eligible for Early Intervention is assigned a service coordinator who will help guide the family through their own individual family service plan.  All services are provided in a natural environment and are designed to follow the daily routines of the child. This individualized approach helps families to learn techniques for caring for their child without changing the unique qualities of the family while encouraging all children to develop a happy childhood with friends and family.

Colorado's Infant and Toddler program is the Part C Initiative under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Early Intervention Colorado is the state’s lead agency for implementation through the Colorado Department of Human Services.

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Katrina Appel
Early Intervention Clinical Director

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Sue Litton
Director of Early Intervention Service Coordination and FSSP

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