The Future of Colorado Bluesky Enterprises

Pasa Meting Updates 1.25.22

As many of our stakeholders already know, Colorado Bluesky will be undergoing some significant changes in the near future due to the State of Colorado’s implementation ofCase Management Redesign (CMRD).

The changes brought on by CMRD will have significant effects across the entire Colorado Bluesky organization. Our goal throughout the process is to reduce any disruptions in services and to ensure that we do all we can to continue our mission to teach, to support, and inspire those with developmental disabilities.

To help us meet that goal, we are committed to being transparent by sharing all the information we can about the process to help prepare all members of Colorado Bluesky and stakeholders– for the new world of IDD services coming to our state.

To that end, this web page will serve as the central hub for information about the future of Colorado Bluesky. On this page, we will share success stories and victories and let you know what we’re excited about, while also acknowledging what we don’t know and what challenges we are facing. You are encouraged to bookmark the page and visit often.

You can also use this page to submit questions to Colorado Bluesky’s leadership about CMRD and other changes at CBE. Fill out the form below to submit your question(s).