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Enrollment and Funding 

When funding is available, you will be notified and assisted with enrollment into the appropriate program.


Colorado Bluesky receives and coordinates funding from a variety of sources. In all cases, Medicaid and State funding are considered after other resources as available (including private insurance, community programs and individual natural supports), are utilized.

Children's Medicaid waiver programs such as the Children with Autism and Children's Extensive Support Waivers are paid for by State and Medicaid funds. These waiver programs allow children access to Medicaid services who may not otherwise qualify for Medicaid State Plan benefits.

Adult Residential and Supported Living Services, including adult day and vocational services, and services through the Family Support Program are paid for by State and Medicaid funds. Adults who receive services through a Medicaid Waiver program (such as residential or supported living) must initially qualify for SSI/SSDI and Medicaid, and must maintain eligibility through the annual re-certification process.

If you are enrolling into the Adult DD, SLS Waiver, CES Waiver or Autism Waiver program, you will meet with your Case Manager and create your Individual Service Plan to help you meet your needs and reach your goals. Your Service Plan is developed by the individual to be served, family, and friends. The Service Plan sets forth the individual needs and goals of a person and ties the funding available and the service providers who will provide the services and supports for the coming year. Once enrolled, Case Manager Service Plans are developed annually. After the initial Service Plan is developed you will be assigned a Case Manager who will be your main contact for any aspect of your enrollment in an adult program. Your service coordinator helps you plan your services each year, locate service providers, and monitor the services you receive. You will be required to work closely with your Case Manager to determine services available, stay with annual resource budgets, and ensure the implementation of the annual Service Plan. Services for persons enrolled into the programs above are provided by a number of approved service agencies and independent providers. 

To be enrolled in the Family Support program, you will have completed a "Most in Need" survey. Because of budget concerns, we are required by state law to rank applicants to the Family Support Program and to give priority to those persons "Most in Need". Each survey is reviewed and ranked among all Family Support enrollees. Once enrolled, a Family Support Coordinator will be assigned and a Family Support Plan developed setting forth the unmet needs of the child and identifying available support. A small monthly allocation is provided to help purchase unmet needs such as respite, uninsured medical/dental, professional services, transportation and other items.