Accessing Family Support Services Program (FSSP)

The Family Support Services Program (FSSP) assists families with expenses related to their child’s delay or disability. FSSP serves families of eligible individuals living in the family home.

The following must be in place to access FSSP Funds:

1.  Documentation of your child’s eligibility to receive services through CBE

  • For children under 5 years: documentation that shows your child has a 33% or greater delay in one or more developmental areas (communication, physical, adaptive, cognitive, and social emotional) or has a medical condition on Early Intervention CO’s Established Condition list.
  • For children 5 years and older: A Determination of Developmental Disability (DDD) is required. You will need to provide your child’s IQ or Adaptive Behavior testing and medical documentation of a neurological condition in order for CBE to decide if your child meets DDD eligibility. You may begin this process by 1) Calling 719 546-0572 and asking to speak to an Intake Case Manager

2. A completed Most In Need Assessment (MINA) This assessment is completed by the family of the eligible child with the assistance of the Family Support Case Manager as needed.

3.  A completed Service Plan The family’s FSSP Service Plan includes a prioritized list of services and supports the family plans to access to meet their needs. There must be a Service Plan in place before the family can access FSSP funds. See the back of this page to see an overview of FSSP supports and services.

FSSP Monthly Resource Assignments

Resource Assignments for the fiscal year beginning July 1st and ending on June 30th of every year will be determined by your family’s most recent Most in Needs Assessment (MINA). If we do not receive the MINA by the designated date (May or June), your child/family will be put on a Wait List. Families on the Wait List are usually able to access some funds through CBE’s FSSP Emergency/Reserve Fund.
A family’s resource may be decreased from one year to the next depending on the amount CBE receives from the state and the number of families requesting Family Support Services.

Lending Library: All eligible families can access items from our lending library. Contact Amanda (719) 562-2554

FSSP Funding Requests
Requests for funding may require the following documentation:

  • A denial letter from the child’s insurance (Medicaid, CHP+ and/or private insurance)*
  • A letter of recommendation from an appropriate professional for the requested item or service
  • More than one estimate**

*A denial letter is not required for items that cannot be supplied through a vendor.
**More than one estimate may be requested for higher cost items/services.

Once a child has reached the age of 5 years, a Developmental Disability Determination is required to receive or continue to receive any CBE service including Family Support.

Overview of FSSP Supports and Services
Respite Care Examples: occasional break from care taking that is above and beyond what is typically needed for a child of the same age without a delay/disability.
Exclusions: Day care needed during work hours for a child under the age of 12 years.

Professional Services Examples: counseling, therapy, and evaluations for the child. The service must be recommended on the basis of a professional’s assessment and be considered therapeutically beneficial to the child’s functioning in the home and community.
Exclusions: Professional services covered under an existing/available resource (ex., insurance or program).

Transportation Examples: mileage, meals, and lodging for out of town medical appointments. (Verification of medical appointment is required).
Exclusions: Services available through Medicaid Reimbursement

Medical and Dental Examples: dental care, co-payments and medical expenses related to a child’s disability and/or delay, diets recommended by physician due to a disability, eye glasses when eyesight is hindered due to a disability.
Exclusions: Services and items available through Medicaid or other insurance.

General Care Items Examples: diapers, baby wipes, skin care products.
Exclusions: Products not related to the disability or diagnosis.

Assistive Technology Examples: adaptive toys, equipment, augmentative communication devices, van lifts/ramps, switches, bath chairs, seating systems, etc. as recommended by a physician or therapist.
Exclusions: Services/items available through Medicaid or private insurance.

Home Modifications Examples: wheelchair ramps; bathroom modifications such as grab bars, wheelchair accessible showers, widening of doorways, and safety rails.
Exclusions: Modification to rental homes that would include permanent fixtures. Modification to a home that is cosmetic or unrelated to the care or needs of the person with a disability.

Parent and Sibling Support Examples: Conferences, workshops, educational materials, counseling, etc., for parents, siblings, and other family members with the goal of providing information or support around the person with the disability.
Exclusions: Requests not related to the disability of the child.


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