.Job Title:  Executive Director            Classification: Exempt                

Job Summary 
The Executive Director will be leading the organization through an upcoming period of growth and change.  The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the organization, ensuring that the agency is operating efficiently and effectively to meet its strategic goals.  The Executive Director reports to the board of directors and will work with government officials, department directors, and the public. 
Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, Human Services, or related field plus at least 10 years in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities with at least 5 years in a leadership/supervisory position.

Master's degree in Business Administration, Human Services, or related field, plus 5 or more years of service in the field of developmental disabilities and at least 5 years in a leadership/supervisory position  
Job skills
Excellent verbal and communication skills
Computer skills; basic office and business applications
Develop and implement successful strategic plans
Knowledge base of financial strategies and finance-related performance metrics
Public speaking and ability to deliver professional presentations
Demonstrate leadership in public relations, program planning, fund raising, business management, personnel development and management, and community leadership.
Job Responsibilities
Develop and maintain a team of senior leaders to manage critical business functions.
Maintain a culture of transparency and communication throughout the organization.
Ensure the agency services satisfaction survey is completed annually
Ensure the agency’s employees satisfaction survey is completed at least biannually.
Communicate the results of all surveys to the Board.
Ensure that the agency abides by all laws, state and federal regulations, policies, and procedures as they pertain to the agency.
Ensure all programs and services of the agency are of a high-quality nature and meet best practices requirements by state and federal governments as well as all pertinent national professional organizations.
Ensure all persons employed by the agency meet the qualifications and standards for each job.
Ensure agency policies and procedures are developed and reviewed by the Personnel Committee and approved by the Board of Directors on a regular basis.
Ensure that the financial policies and procedures abides by all laws, state, and federal regulations.
Provides the board of directors with an annual budget.
Ensure financial reports are provided to the board at the monthly board of directors meeting.
Ensure that an annual audit by a CPA is completed for the previous year and reported to the board no later than December of each year.
Responsible for engaging legal counsel to review contracts or grants as needed.
Provide the board all pertinent information regarding the operation of the corporation and keeping the board apprised of all issues affecting the status of the corporation on a monthly basis
Developing an ongoing strategic plan (updated every year)
Represent the agency at state level meetings, legislative hearings and at other community organization meetings or functions.
Ensure the successful operation of all CBE properties, leases, and assets.
Preside over and ensure the operation of Colorado Bluesky Foundation in securing grants and donations.
Provide to the Board a salary schedule, which provides structure to employee’s annual salaries and is incorporated in the annual budget.
Ensure documentation of all board and committee meetings for the record and for the archives.
Ensure all required do
cuments are accessible to the public               

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